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I do not consider myself to be a beauty product junkie and prefer a simple, no fuss, 5 minute look. But just like with my clothing, when I do purchase beauty products, I like to consider ones that are good for my body, chemical free, or otherwise sustainable and ethical (or just buy one great nail polish verse 50 - you know who ya’ll are!).

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Enter: new-to-me mineral makeup brand La Bella Donna. This mother-daughter, LA-based company reached out and sent me a few products to test. Their collection is built on mineral-based formulas designed to be healthier for your skin. They sent over a mascara, red lipstick (because the red lip is everything for me right now!), sunscreen (50 yess, perfect for summer), bronzer, and blush creme.

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I’ve been testing + wearing the products over the past few months. As with a lot of things, finding the right products, clothing, brands, etc. that work for you and support what you want to support (ethical, sustainable, not tested on animals, chemical free, etc.) is very individualized and differs person to person. What works for one person may not work for someone else and vise versa. It’s all about experimenting and having fun!

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Review 1: Lipstick. I was the most excited about this as I’ve recently come to embrace a red lip (it looks great with a simple face). Things I loved: the color is a really deep red that actually goes on a bit lighter than you would think and it glides on easily. Things I didn’t love: I have been wearing a lot of matte and stain lip products recently and their dark/long-lasting application has spoiled me. I found I had to swipe about 4-5 times to achieve a really vibrant red on my lips. It also seemed to fade after about 2 hours and required a retouch. Overall: 3 out of 5.

Review 2: Mascara. This came JUST in time as I had run out of drugstore brand product. Things I love: The color is really rich black that goes on nicely and is easy to build. I felt like my lashes looked really nice and stood out. The price point is also good at $22.50. Not super cheap, but not the most expensive thing on the market either. Things I didn’t love: I usually prefer a mascara brush with super long bristles because I feel like it helps separate and lengthen my lashes. This brush has very short bristles, but I don’t think it impacted my lashes all (in terms of clumpy - they look good and thick!).  EDIT - I reviewed the mascara several months ago and I've been using it daily since and I truly love it. It goes on so smooth, the color is amazing! Overall 5 out of 5.

Review 3: Sunscreen. I’ve only used this a few times because the first time I used it it came out as an orange powder all over my face. This would totally protect me from the sun BUT not a cute look for everyday life. I reached out to the company and they advised to pat it on very gently vs. smashing it all over your face (which is what I did).  3 out of 5 (but I think this may be user error!)

Review 4: Bronzer. I use this baby every day! I love that it has the three colors for a bronzer and then the 4th as a highlighter. Any product where I can do more than one thing in one go is a win for me. 5 out of 5.

Review 5: Creme. I keep this in my beauty bag in my purse and pull it out when I’m on the go and want a little extra color and oomph. It’s a really pretty color and I love applying it! (4 out of 5

Thank you La Bella Donna for gifting me with these products in exchange for a review.

Disclosure per Federal Trade Commission guidelines: This is a sponsored post. I received these products free of charge for testing purposes. The opinions here are my own, are based on my experience and may not reflect the opinions of the company.