My Closet & Spring Cleaning with Richmond Magazine


Earlier this month I was asked by Richmond Magazine to share a few of my personal stylist secrets for getting  your wardrobe ready for spring along with a few photos of my own closet. So fun! Except it meant I arrived home from South Carolina last week and immediately embarked on an epic closet paint makeover - nothing like a feature to make you finish that DIY project you started two years ago.

I thought it would be fun to share a few snaps that weren't in the RMag feature, so enjoy this look into my closet!

Thanks to a 1950's home and having Kon-Mari-ed everything, I'm embracing my small closets and upgrading my wardrobe to those investment, conversation-worthy pieces. I currently share the right side of this closet with my husband, although I have plans to give him the boot so I can keep my accessories, bags, and belts in here as well!

You may remember the right side of this closet as the one where we made our own shelves (this closet has taken a lot of DIY!). For now, my husband has the top two shelves in here along with sharing my wardrobe rack while we (again DIY) finish his closet in our master bedroom. It's about the size of one side of my closet, but I think that will suffice. He is a guy after all. 

We have one other closet in our home - a coat closet that houses, well, coats and my stash of work out things (two yoga mats, weights, etc.) along with shoes for certain events (rain boots, hiking boots, cycling shoes).  We also have one dresser in our master bedroom that is home to my jewelry, lingerie, sleep and workout/outdoor clothes. My clutches and belts are displayed on a bookshelf on the other side of this room. 

Clothes are important to me. But the need to stay small and well curated is real. Not only because we intentionally live small, but because I can't stand clutter or clothes smashed together and hanging willy-nilly. I don't keep off season tubs of clothes (thanks Kon Mari!) any more, so what you see is what I have. All of my clothes work across all seasons and I love being able to see them and never forgetting something I've stashed away in a bin in my basement. Yes I do shop, but it's always with a list and always well thought out! What's on my current list? A white t-shirt from Everlane, black Nike Frees, and some pretty things from Naja. That's it. 

You can read the full feature on the blvd [here].

Thanks Richmond Mag!

All photos taken and copyrighted by Sydney Lester. Do not use without permission and proper credit.