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Welcome back! In today’s installment, we’re doing a rapid fire Q&A with various questions - so this episode includes all things style - what to do with clothes when you’ve lost weight, productivity, how to manage client process flow - and, my fave question of all - where to find the best pastries in Richmond.


If one of your clients has lost some weight, how do you decide if items should be altered by a tailor versus purchasing “new”?

  • Iconsider how much weight and how drastically the garment would have to be altered. if it’s just taking up sleeves, or taking in the waist, etc. then those are easy, low cost things. if it’s more detailed and would essentially remake the garment, it may make more sense to just buy a new piece.

  • I also consider how much my clients LOVE the garment. that love can make tailoring a piece make more sense. if it’s just a plain thing that’s nothing special, might not be worth putting the money into it

  • I consider the client’s style and where it’s heading and the style of the piece. if it’s not a piece that is super classic or that they love or that will stay in style, i wouldn’t tailor it.


Any suggestions for cute AND comfortable summer shoe brands? Now that I’m living car free, I’ve learned that cheap flip flops and cute, but painful heels aren’t getting me very far 👞👟👠

  • Love this Q bc I’m actually making a shift from a lot of heels (even chunky, block heels) to flats and - gasp - sneakers!

  • I will say - I do NOT like flip flops and believe they should be reserved for beach or pool. just saying.

  • So - cute stylish flat shoes:

    • Pointed toe flat - Naturalizer’s Samantha style

    • Sneaker - Nike blazer, Superga, Veja

    • Platform or flat sandal  - Off the Beaten Path - just found them! Fun range of shoes that are easy on the feet


Best pastries!

  • my fave topic of all time and I love you Julie for asking this!

  • Kouign-amann (pronounced [ˌkwiɲ aˈmãn]; pl. kouignoù-amann) is a Breton cake, described in the New York Times as "the fattiest pastry in all of Europe." The name comes from the Breton language words for “butter” and “cake.” - in RVA you can get them at Red Cap or Whisk

  • French bun - from whisk - it’s a cinnamon roll but with croissant dough

  • Cinnamon sugar cake donut - from Sugar shack 


do you use google cal, or a planner notebook?

  • I use it all!!!! I use EverNote as my master to-do list to keep me on track for the week + daily tasks. I use my google calendar to block off my model calendar days (aka - Monday = CEO day and admin / planning tasks, Tuesday = BEYOND days. From there, I segment down the daily tasks from Evernote into my calendar. If it’s not i my calendar it won’t get done! I love Brooke Castillo’s The Life Coach School podcast episode on this - Throw Away Your To Do List- April 27, 2019.


client flow

  • I love a good checklist + all the systems. 

  • I use HubSpot to track client leads and where they are in my process prior to them become a client -i.e. they inquire, I send them the form, we schedule a call, send them proposal, they pay, they book, etc.

  • From there, I have a checklist in google drive that walks me through each step of the process that I need to do for them when they are in services. it’s literally from start to finish and a game changer! I share this in the Biz Bootcamp in The Founders Club.


some ideas on how to resell my clothes that consignment stores aren’t taking and I feel they still have some value. it would make me feel a lot better knowing someone else is getting some use of them rather than just sitting in the goodwill store.

  • I feel ya!!!! I love trying to resell and it hurts my heart a little when they won’t take my clothes that are still super cute with life left in them!!! However, it’s also not worth my time run them round to different stores, or take them at different times hoping to get another sales person (not the tI know the sfromexperiene or anything…. jk).

    • clothes swap

    • give them to your friends

    • donate and be done!

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