The 3 Mistakes You’re Making as a Personal Stylist


Today I want to share 3 mistakes I see personal stylists making ALL the time - event stylists who have been around for a while!

1. Making a website or biz cards.

Don’t get me wrong. These things are great. But if you’re just starting out, or you don’t have a solid understanding of your ideal client, their pain points, your own specialized niche, AND your service process (aka NOT a la carte services) - you’re wasting your time.

Here’s the thing. You can sell to clients and make money WITHOUT a business card. At a networking event? Give them your Instagram handle, or better yet, write down THEIR email address in your phone. THey’re only going to throw the card away later.

Websites - they are all so fun and flashy to make. But it’s like trying to put together a wardrobe without the core pieces. You can’t do this first and you shouldn’t even make updates without a clear plan of what problems you’re solving. And hint - it shouldn’t be full of the cliches I hear ALL THE TIME.

Instead, focus your time and energy on what will bring your money: sending prospective client emails, working to book speaking or workshop gigs, building relationships.

2. Investing your money in ALL The things and ALL the systems.

A lot of time I’ll find stylists that say they just joined this program, and they just got this system and they are SO new and they aren’t sure how to use it all. Nothing gives me more pains than this. Because yes, those systems will help you, but there’s also nothing worse than spending $100-$300 a month on systems when you’re not bringing in clients.

In my Biz Bootcamp that is a part of The Founders Club, I encourage stylists to start on the “path too free.” I 100% encourage and recommend systems - they free up your time AND make you look more professional - but most have free versions and you should 100% take advantage of those before ever plunging into the ones that cost $10 or $15 a moth. Because get 2-5 of those, and you’re adding it up.

Instead, find free tools that work for now - as you gain clients and consistent income, you can upgrade when the business can support it.

3. Focusing too much time on Instagram and not your 5% activities.

This is you, I know it’s you! It’s certainly been me. Yes, Instagram IS a business generator, and we need to spend time on it to show our work, to connect with potential clients and build relationships, but more often than not, we’re on instagram - or any social media platform - without a plan.

I encourage all of the stylists in The Founders Club to set up a model calendar and focus monthly on their income goals and the 5% activities that will get them to their goals.

Instead of having no plan, create a plan! This looks like this: if your goal is to make $2,000 in a month and you know that means you need to book 2 clients into your signature service process, then what are the top activities you need to do to get those clients in? 1. Email past clients with your pitch. 2. Email prospective clients that never booked. 3. Post on social about your two openings. Let the world know! THESE are 5% activities that will get you to your $2,000 NOT spending time on Instagram with no plan.

So tell me - have you made these 3 mistakes? If so - what can you change TODAY to stop making them and start making money?

Sydney Lester is a personal stylist and business coach helping personal stylists go from hobby to full time. Connect with Sydney below for more style + biz tips: