Notes from the Song of Life


A tree knows where it is on nature’s wheel, whatever the position: budding, in full leaf with ripe fruit, it’s all part of being a tree. There are seasons in your life. Do not try to escape a season. If you try to bear fruit when it’s time to bud, you may never bud.

Listen to the song of nature. every year is a cycle. There is a time for activity and a time for quiet. There are moments of beginning and moments of ending. There are seasons for moving and seasons for renewal Be still and learn. See nature’s story unfold. Watch a bird and a tree. Learn about the commonness between you and the bird. Let the tree help you find your place. Every breath is a cycle of life, take in the sweet spring of your breath, fill up your lungs with the summer of the cycle. experience the autumn joy of letting go. Be empty and still in the winter for your breath.

Now breathe again for there is always a new beginning and a new ending. You will never take a breath more or less than important than the one you are taking know. You will never be in a day or year more or less important than the one you are in now.