What to Wear to Look Good in Photographs and on TV

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Last week I had the pleasure of speaking to the creatives behind Madison + Main, a branding, marketing, and PR agency here in Richmond, Virginia, about how to look good in photographs.

More specifically, I was there as part of the Dream Team with Kim Brundage Photography and we were chatting about the importance of personal branding. Kim has personal branding down – all of her clients receive the works: identifying brand colors; choosing words to describe the image they want to convey (example: confidence, approachability, etc.); wardrobe consultation (by yours truly); and on-set hair and makeup + on-site wardrobe assistance (steaming, prepping, again, by yours truly).

Madison + Main works with a variety of clients and, as a PR firm, knows the power of first impressions and photographs. Did you know that our brains process images 60,000 x FASTER than text?? This goes to show how important great images are in conveying your message and brand.

Just as Holly described camera-ready makeup, not all clothes are camera-ready clothes. I worked with Bethany of Guestroom Creative to create this beautiful graphic of my guidelines for choosing the right clothing for when you’ll be on camera. Keep reading for my tips on how to dress to look good in photographs!

PS – these guidelines TOTALLY work for television as well!

what to wear to look good in photographs
what to wear to look good on television

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